I am Abdullah

初めまして、アブドゥッラー です。

ウェブ エンジニア です。,ソフトウェア技術者 です。,ITプロフェッショナル です。

私について        フェイスブック

名前: アブドゥッラー

プロフィール: ソフトウェア技術者

電子メール: hello@abdullahnippon.com

電話番号: (080) 4801-1323


Hi,Konichiwa,こんにちは I am Abdullah a passionate Software Engineer, Web Developer IT Professional from Pakistan just recently moved to Japan(Country Of Rising Sun) on 21st November 2020 currently living in Niigata Ken Shibata Shi with beautiful mountains surrounding me my other family members are also living with me in japan.I am good at Coding/Programming.Way back in home country i was working as a Software Engineer/ IT Professional for US based Software Company in pakistan and i was also providing IT/Programming Training and Education. Well below is my history

2020 to 2021
Arrival in Japan 21 Nov 2020 at Nariita Airport

After long journey finnally i arrived at Narita Airport Japan after that i was in quarantine for 14 days

Nihongo Speech Day 18 March 2021

I given my first speech in nihongo with nihongo class students

2011 to 2016
Advance Diploma Information Technology 2011-2012

I was enrolled in 1 year Diploma in Information Technology and learned some essential skills in IT and Software Development

BS-Hons Computer Science University Of Sindh Pakistan 2011-2016

I did learn many things related to computer science Programming , Data Structures,Alogorithms, Software Engineering, Computer Architechture, Datatabase Management System i did also taken gap year during my university education as i went to another institution for learning some other skills in computer science

Advance Diploma Software Engineering Aptech 2012-2015

I learned advance skills in programming and software development, web development and completed the 3 years Advance Diplopma in Software Engineering from Aptech Worldwide which is an international ISO Certified Institution

Working as a Visiting Faculty/Instructor at Aptech Computer Education 2014 March to 2016 February

During my education i was also working as a part time visiting faculty and teaching programming and other technichal stuff at Aptech Computer Education

2016 to 2020
Started my startup for providing IT Services- 2016

My Workplace of startup for IT/Software Development

Presented First Seminar for IT Services- 2016

I was giving my first seminar for IT Services for NON Government Organizations

Seminar For IT at Virtual University- 2016

IT Workshop at Virtual University in which i was prvoding IT training to University Students

C# Xamarine Mobile App Development Workshop 2017

Presented Csharp Cross Platform Mobile App Development Workshop at University

Web Development Workshop 2018

Conducted Web Development Workshop at University

University Final Year IT Project Training 2019

Conducted 8 Months Final Year Project Training 2019 providing training to university final year students enabling them to create their IT Projects

Workshop on Bootstrap at Hiast University 2019

Conducted 1 Week Workshop on Responsive Websites Bootstrap Css Framework at Hiast

Started Working at Verge Systems 21 October 2019 to 18 Nov 2020

I was appointed as a Software Engineer for Full Stack Software Development and working on various cloud base applications and i was also conducting interviews for other IT candidates

With Verge Systems Team at PSI Office Karachi for 1 Week Nov 2019

I was working with Verge Systems team on System Development Tasks assigned by Client: Population Service International for thier online portal at karachi for 1 week with my senior and project manager

Annual Meetup at Verge Systems December 2019

Annual Team Meetup of Verge Systems it was really enjoyable event with full of activities

Working From Home During Covid Emergency in my home country 2020

I was working and collaborating with development team from home during covid emergency for approximately 2 months

Farewell Before Leaving Verge Systems on 18 November 2020

On my last day of office at verge systems i did get my farewell from my team

Software Engineer at Verge Systems (Oct 2019 to Nov 18 2020)


These are my core skills

Responsive Web Design & Development

Responsive web design is a need of today's market which should be accessible from any kind of device around the globe a website plays a vital role for any company It is like a front page for a company or individual where consumers can know more about the organization and can do business more convieniently

Cloud Base Applications(SAS) Online Portal,ERP,MIS System

I have good experience in developing and maintaining ERP SAS applications like Schools,Finnancial Systems,Point of sale systems,Online Portals etc.A well developed MIS or ERP can really boost any organization business enabling them to manage their business more efficiently and enhancing thier business productivity and also enabling them to take better business descisions.

Digital and Social Media Marketing

I really enjoy digital and social media marketing creating marketing strategies and advertising camapaigns on Facebook Ads and Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

IT Consultancy

In all my software development experience i have tackle various organizations challenges IT consultancy is essential for any organization looking for new technology or upgrade or change in thier current system.


Technologies which i use

My Work History

Here is my work which i did while with in my job company and other projects also.